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Zelda's African Imports

Add a Touch of Africa to Your Place


Art and Wood Carvings

There's nothing quite like African art. Zelda's African Imports in New Orleans, Louisiana brings you the best works of the continent. Feast your eyes on the intricately made art pieces and wood carvings below. Place an order or two if something catches your attention.

gye nyame couple wall sculpture

The intertwining of love is personified in this Gye Nyame Couple Wall Sculpture. It depicts an African woman and an African man in profile, facing away from each other. Their necks and shoulders are crossed over each other. They are clothed in bright red with traditional African patterns and the woman has a matching headwrap. Over their heads is a large, traditional gold Gye Nyame symbol. Showcase the power of African love with this moving example of African sculpture.



Solid Mahogany Mask 12" - 18" tall. Stunning quality traditional mask, hand carved from an extra thick piece of mahogany. Each mask varies slightly but each is virtually identical to the mask shown. Made in Senegal


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More Products

Cameroonian Walking Stick

Elegantly carved with careful attention to detail, this authentic Cameroonian Walking Stick is a decorative work of art. The intricate design of each stick is unique and cannot be specified. The walking sticks are approximately 41” in length and 7”-8” in diameter. Made by craftsmen in Cameroon. 

Over-sized shipping charged

41” in length and 7”-8” in diameter.

Assorted Designs

Over-sized shipping charged

Cameroonian Walking Stick

Ghanian Walking Stick

These impeccable works of art double as functional walking sticks. Designs all vary. Photo shows examples of designs. Designs can not be ordered individually. Sizes are assorted 38-42" . Made in Ghana  Over-sized shipping charged

Ghanian Walking Stick

Congolese Lega bearded Mask 

Masks are 10-11" in length and are 6-7" in width. Beard extends an additional 10". Assorted designs, none can be specified.

Country of Origin: Congo

Congolese Lega Bearded Mask