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Zelda's African Imports

Vibrant and Bold Fabrics


African Fabrics

Looking for bold and vibrant African fabrics? You're in luck because Zelda's African Imports in New Orleans, Louisiana has them for the taking. Enjoy the collection below.

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Traditional Print Brocade



George Fabric


african folding fans

When folded, one fan measures 9" long. When unfolded, it is 12" long. Handle made of leather with leather thong to hold together. Pattern may vary. Made in Kenya.

Note: The design may vary and change without notice.

African Folding Fans

fulani straw hat - extra large

Avoid the intensity of the sun's rays with this Fulani Straw Hat - Extra Large. This hat will protect you from the hot sun so you can keep cool as you go about your day. This traditional hat is a trademark African headpiece from the Fulani people of West Africa. It is typically worn by the Wodaabe, a nomadic cattle-herder subgroup of the Fulani

Fulani Straw Hat

ankh necklace

8" Ankh Necklace

Be bold and completely exotic with this gleaming brass ankh necklace. Leather necklace is adjustable from 28" to 36" long. Pendant is nearly 8" long and features detailed engravings. Ankh pendants are the same as photo; but some beads on band may vary slightly.

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Double Row Cowry Shell Set

The cowrie shell is an important symbol that is steeped in a rich, ancient tradition in Africa. It symbolizes both spiritual connection to the ocean and goddess and material, earthly wealth. Get all the power of the cowrie shell with this Double Row Cowrie Shell Jewelry Set. The necklace is made of two rows of brown beads and polished white cowrie shells. Comes with matching earrings

Double Row Cowry Set


Bag is 12" tall and 16" wide. Base of the bag is 6"


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